Pinga Partner Handbook

This handbook should be able to answer most of the questions you have about being a Pinga Partner

1. What is our service area? 

We cover Nottingham and parts of London. Our current London service area is shown below.























2. What if my screen says [No Live Tasks]?


Your app is working it just means that there are currently no available tasks within 10km of you.


3. How do you choose who to send the tasks to?

All tasks are sent to everyone at the same time. You will receive a notification if it is within 4km of you and you will see it in the app if it is within 10km. If you cannot do the task just leave it on the app and someone else will accept it.

4. How do I add my bank details?

On the left hand menu of the Partner app you click on 'Add payout details'. Here you add your account number and sort code. They will disappear once you have added them for security reasons. In order to edit them just put in your new details and they will be updated.

5. How do I get paid?

Pinga will pay you at midnight every day for both the delivery fee and the cost of the items. 

6. What if I lose the receipt?

Please always upload a photo of the receipt to the app. But if you cannot for whatever reason, please put the item cost into the app when asked to.

7. Where can I work?

You can work wherever there are tasks. No one is restricted to an area and you do not need to let us know if you move areas.

8. What shop do I go to?

If the shop has an address within the app - go to that exact shop. If the shop is a certain brand, i.e. Tesco, please go to any shop of that brand. If the shop is 'My Local.....' you can go to any shop which will have those items.

9. What if I can't find an item?

Please contact the customer to arrange an alternative. Offer them a substitute that you think is a similar value and if you buy it please mark the item in the app as 'bought' (with the correct multiple of that item) in the app. The ONLY time you leave an item as 0 is if neither that item, or a substitute, has been purchased.

10. What if I can't get hold of the customer?

If you cannot get hold of the customer please do not get any substitutes for the item. But please make sure you try calling and texting the customer through the app.

11. What if I can't find the customer's house?

Please call or text the customer through the app and they should be able to help you directly.

12. What about bags?

Please purchase either compostible/recycled bags or bags for life, and as long as they are on the receipt, we will pay you for them. Then give the items to the customer in the bags, this is to provide the best possible safety during COVID-19.

13. I don't have a Pinga Jacket?

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to distribute Pinga Jackets to you. Once we are able to, you will be invited via email to come and collect one from our head office in King's Cross.

14. How do points work?

Every Partner starts on 2,000 points. Once you reach 10,000 points you will receive a £50 cash bonus, paid straight into your account. You get points for the following:

  • 50 points = Completing a task and informing the customer of any substitutions 

  • 100 points = Completing a task within 1 hour of them ordering 

  • 300 points = Accepting a task on the first push notification

15. What if the customer requests additional items?

Please inform them that they would need to order any additional items through the app. If they can do it quickly then you can pick it up whilst you're still in the shop, but it needs to come through the app.

16. What if the customer doesn't answer the door?

If the customer doesn't answer the door and they are not picking up their phone or answering texts. Please wait a few minutes to see if they respond/open the door/call you back. If still nothing happens then please leave the items in a safe place by the door, message the customer to tell them where the items are and submit a photo on 'instabug' through the app so we can see where it has been left.

17. I'm on Android and my app won't load?

Please go to Settings>Apps>Pinga Partner>Clear Data. Then when you log in again the problem should be fixed.